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Cambridgeshire Cycling Pioneer

93. Angela Sanford

Angela Sanford, who is also severely sight impaired volunteers to help people enjoy cycling, including people with disabilities, nervous cyclists, those recovering from injury and even a 92 year-old.

10 Downing Street

After learning to ride a two wheeler with the support and help of her carer, Angela’s passion for cycling was boosted when she was asked to help others like her try cycling on accessible bikes. With the help of other cycling enthusiasts, she took her friend Aaron’s idea to get people of all abilities cycling together and helped build community project You Can Bike Too. With it’s weekly cycling sessions and bike hire, You Can Bike Too gives people the freedom, confidence and tools to be able to enjoy the outdoors with their families and friends, and Angela’s natural affinity with people alongside her commitment has made the project a great success.

Angela greets members at events and promotes the work of the group. She also presents to others and shares her family’s experience of enjoying cycling together. Angela is known as an inspirational speaker with a unique talent for captivating her audience. She is also the creative force behind the organisation, and has given others in similar situations the confidence to get on one of the specially adapted bikes and to go on a bike ride with members of their families to share a day out together. Angela gives members confidence in their abilities and inspires others to volunteer and bring their skills to the group.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

‘Angela’s enthusiasm and energy brings families together and encourages people of all ages and abilities to enjoy cycling. She has had a great impact on the local community – inspiring others to have confidence, form new friendships and enjoy the outdoors. I am delighted to make Angela a Point of Light.’

Angela said:

“I feel happy, emotional and proud to be awarded with a Point of Light. My volunteering helps to keep people healthy.  I want to see everyone on a bike!”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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