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Burning Nights CRPS Support

1329. Victoria Abbott-Fleming

Victoria Abbott-Fleming, from Derbyshire, founded the ‘Burning Nights CRPS Support’, a charity that is increasing awareness of a rare condition called complex regional pain syndrome which affects people by causing severe pain after small injuries.

Victoria Abbott-Fleming

Victoria lost both legs to amputation after developing the condition and she now advocates across the UK and worldwide for better understanding and treatment of CRPS.

In a personal letter to Victoria, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I know you do this with no thought of praise or reward, but allow me to offer my own recognition of how through ‘Burning Nights CRPS Support’ you are providing crucial support to patients affected by CRPS and their families, and raising much needed awareness about the condition amongst health professionals.”

Victoria said:

“I am extremely grateful and proud to have been not only nominated but to have been awarded the Points of Light award. I believe the award isn’t just for me personally but it is for all the people that I and my organisation are trying to represent who have been affected by this debilitating chronic condition of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.”

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