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Blyth Wildlife Rescue

1328. John Anderson

John Anderson, from Newcastle, founded ‘Blyth Wildlife Rescue’ in 2006, building up a network of volunteers who handle on average over 3,000 emergency call outs a year and provide a vital frontline service to protect animals across Northumberland.

John Anderson

The ‘Blyth Wildlife Rescue’ is one of the leading centres of its type in the north of England. The charity operates a small hospital set-up where voluntary staff work with animals patients requiring intensive care and treatment before being moved out into foster care and then released into the wild. In many cases, voluntary staff also offer rehabilitative care at home. No animal is ever denied treatment, regardless of species or status, and the centre takes referrals from a range of vets across Northumberland.

In a personal letter to John, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I know you do this with no thought of praise or reward, but allow me to offer my own recognition of how you and your volunteers are providing a vital rescue service and rehabilitative care for animals in need across Northumberland.”

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