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Brunei Eye Doctor Covid Hero

Commonwealth Point of Light 138. Helena Hurairah

Dr Helena Hurairah, representing Brunei, is a paediatric ophthalmologist who has led the design and creation of child-friendly masks to help children who are hospitalised during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Helena Hurairah

The masks are sustainable and the design has been shared and reproduced in several countries around the world to aid frontline staff in the battle against the virus. Dr Helena has also shared videos on social media to help children and adults overcome anxiety and fear around the testing process for the virus. 

Dr Helena said:

“Receiving this award of recognition holds such deep meaning for me due to my own personal relationship with the United Kingdom. I am very proud to have trained in the National Health Service and can only hope that I have done my mentors and colleagues proud by carrying the engrained NHS core values within me to Brunei.

“I am truly honoured to accept this Commonwealth Points of Light award and am extremely optimistic that when the pandemic has subsided, that a more compassionate ‘new normal’ society will emerge. A society in which love and faith is chosen over fear and one where hope always prevails.”

Pictured below: Dr Helena and teachers and students from Jerudong International School Brunei showing her masks

Dr Helena Hurairah and health staff in Brunei

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