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Stockport Spidermen

1379. Jason Baird
1380. Andrew Baldock

Jason Baird and Andrew Baldock, from Stockport, are the “Stockport Spidermen” – brightening up the lives of local children by running around in their cartoon character outfits and setting fun activities to encourage people to exercise.

Stockport Spidermen

Jason and Andrew have also raised over £30,000 for NHS Charities in the process, and have inspired others across the country to dress up in their communities.

In a personal letter to Jason, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Every day I write to a community hero to say thank you for helping others as we come together in this battle against Coronavirus. So today, I am delighted to be able to go further and say thank you to two community superheroes!

“Together with Andrew, your “Stockport Spidermen” are lifting the spirits of so many, encouraging vital exercise and raising funds for our wonderful NHS Charities.”

In a personal letter to Andrew, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Your daily runs as the “Stockport Spidermen” are infusing young people across your community with so much joy and hope. From your creative tasks to inspire exercise to your brilliant fundraising for our wonderful NHS Charities, your heroic deeds are truly becoming the stuff of local legend.”

Jason and Andrew said:

“Knowing our Prime Minister has heard about us and would like to send us an award fills us with pride. We never started this for any glory, just to keep the children smiling whilst putting across the government guidelines in a fun and friendly way so the children understand how important it is to listen to Mum and Dad about what has been happening, and on the back of this to then raise as much money as possible for the NHS Charities Together via our JustGiving link. We set a target of £50,000 and are now at with gift aid £40,000 so this award I’m sure will help us with publicity to keep our cause moving forward to achieve our target. We humbly accept our award on behalf of everyone who has supported our cause and for all those we have inspired to join the Stockport Spider-Men Team to also dress up in their communities and help us bring smiles to faces and raise money for the NHS.”

Stockport Spidermen

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