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Botswana Jobs for Graduates

Commonwealth Point of Light 116. Christopher Christian Seagateng

Christopher Christian Seagateng, representing Botswana, is the co-founder and chairman of ‘Botswana Jobs For Graduates’, which is helping young people to learn new skills and find employment.

Christopher Seagateng

Christopher founded the organisation in 2012 to fight high unemployment rates and, under his stewardship, ‘BW Jobs 4 Graduates’ has helped over 11,000 young people find jobs. Christopher is also part of the ‘I AM ABLE campaign’, an initiative of the Commonwealth Youth Council, which promotes the rights of disabled people within the Commonwealth.

Christopher said:

“I am excited to be counted among people whose daily work is recognized. Receiving this award gives me a pat on the back to continue my selfless act of transforming my community without expecting much in return.

“With this award I dedicate it to fellow young people who everyday wake up with one mission of impacting change in their different lines of work despite limited resources. To the eyes that saw that I am worthy to be recognized I am more elated and charged to continue my work with more energy. Ke a leboga (thank you).”

Katy Ransome, UK High Commissioner in Botswana, said:

“Christopher Christian Seagateng represents the inspiring spirit of Batswana youth in building their country. Christopher has immense experience spanning over 11 years in championing youth empowerment. His current role as a Chairperson with the youth led organisation BW Jobs for Graduates is a great initiative in addressing youth unemployment in Botswana. I am delighted that Christopher is the latest recipient of the Point of Light award, which is well deserved.”

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