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Bodmin Bikers

1374. Kye Smith

Kye Smith, from Bodmin, is a Cornish motorbike enthusiast who set up a local delivery service to the vulnerable in his community in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bodmin Bikers

Kye is the founder of motorbike group ‘The Bodmin Bikers’, a group of bikers aged from 16 to 67 who are supporting local residents by ferrying shopping, medicine and even the occasional birthday cake to those in isolation.

In a personal letter to Kye, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“The Bodmin Bikers encapsulate the generous spirit of Britain. These angels in leathers are flying around the streets ferrying much needed supplies to those who are isolated at this time. From food and medicine to the occasional birthday cake, every day you are using your passion for bikes to fulfil your compassion for others.

I also applaud your meticulous care in following all the guidelines to ensure you help people safely, because it is by staying alert that we can control this virus and save lives.

“Legends of Bodmin are legends of Britain – and that is exactly what you are.”

Kye said:

“Bodmin Bikers can’t thank you enough for this, it means a lot to each and everyone of us! We love what we are doing for our community and will continue to help until our services are no longer needed!”

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