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Acts of Kindness Inverness and Highlands

1375. Dominic Gill
1376. Shelley Gill

Dominic and Shelley Gill, from Inverness, set up ‘Acts of Kindness Inverness and Highlands’, bringing over 7,000 members of their community together to help the most vulnerable and in need during this moment of crisis.

Dominic and Shelley Gill

Husband and wife, Dominic and Shelley, set up the group in March to connect people in need across the region with those who can offer support during the Covid-19 pandemic. Within eight hours of setting up the group, over 3,000 members had joined, and the couple are now coordinating support for more than 7,000 people, which includes delivering care packages and hot meals to those who are isolated or vulnerable every day of the week.

In a personal letter to Dominic and Shelley, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I wanted to write personally to thank you for all that you have done to create and sustain “Acts of Kindness Inverness and Highlands” providing care packages and hot meals to those who are isolated or in need, seven days a week.

“I was so uplifted to hear how you began, with almost three thousand people joining you within the first eight hours. Stories like yours sustain my belief that we will not only beat this virus together but that we can emerge stronger – more resilient, more innovative, more economically dynamic but also more generous and more sharing.

“Your countless acts of love and kindness punctuate each day with the very best of humanity.”

Dominic and Shelley said:

“We are absolutely blown away to be receiving this award. When we initially created Acts of Kindness, we never imagined it would become such a crucial part of the community and with the help of our team of administrators and volunteers we have gone from strength to strength, allowing us to help local families and individuals in need. To be acknowledged in this manner is absolutely phenomenal and extremely emotional. It feels completely surreal to be held in the same regard as so many amazing people around the UK.”

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