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Bisexual Champion

1129. Marcus Morgan

Marcus Morgan, from London, is a bisexual activist and the founder of ‘Bisexual Index,’ one of the first online organisations to provide support and resources for the UK’s Bisexual community.

Marcus Morgan

As a bisexual person, Marcus set up ‘Bisexual Index’ in 2009 to help combat bisexual invisibility and to provide clear and concise information about bisexuality that people could identify with. As an activist since 1993, Marcus has chaired support groups for bisexual people, helping them to discuss their experiences and find their community. They are also the founder of ‘CaBiRet,’ a bisexual cabaret night, and co-founder of ‘Bisexual Underground,’ a friendly pub meet for bisexuals and friends.

The award for Marcus coincides with LGBT History Month.

In a personal letter to Marcus, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By providing resources and support through ‘Bisexual Index’ you are making a real difference to the lives of bisexual people across the UK. You should be remarkably proud of the work you have done to combat stigma and to bring together the bisexual community through events such as ‘CaBiret’ and ‘Bisexual Underground’.”

Marcus said:

“All across the UK there are people trying to make a difference in and for their communities. The UK bisexual+ community is just the same – we’re entirely dependent on our volunteers. I’m happy to accept this award on behalf of the tireless work done by many people to benefit many, many more. When I first started volunteering in the bisexual community in my twenties I didn’t see what I was doing as “volunteer work”, I saw it as I still see it to this day – doing my bit to support my people. Finding a place in society where you can fit, where you can relax, where you can recover is vital in our battle against biphobia. We need those and I’m proud to have played my part in creating those spaces.”

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