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Veterans’ Charities Fundraiser

2307. Gina Allsop

Fundraising over £250,000 for veterans’ charities

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SNJ Charitable Trust

2306. Neena Julka

Combatting elderly loneliness and social isolation in the local community

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2305. Cath Pickles

Supporting third-party victims of sexual crime

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Belfast Easter Bunny

2304. Jasmine Parker

Donating over 6,000 Easter Eggs to children in hospital

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The Sensational Six

2303. Beryl Fairclough

50 years of fundraising for ‘Barnsley Hospital Charity’

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The Songaminute Man

2302. Simon McDermott

Raising funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s charities

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Hedgehog Aware

2301. Dylan Allman

Raising awareness and protecting hedgehogs across the UK

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Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation

2300. Jennie Cameron
2299. Tammy Main

Supporting children with cancer

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