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4M Network of Mentor Mothers

1981. Angelina Namiba

Angelina Namiba, from London, has dedicated her life to reducing HIV stigma since her diagnosis with the virus in 1993 and launched her own charity in 2016 to train women living with HIV to mentor mothers with the diagnosis across the UK.

Angelina Namiba

Angelina’s charity ‘4M Network of Mentor Mothers’ is led by Black women from migrant and refugee backgrounds, guiding them on how to get mental health support, start their treatment, deal with side-effects and communicate with health professionals. Alongside her work for the charity, Angelina has also been a multiple national and international advisory boards, such as ‘National HIV Nurses Association’, and has worked closely with other charities such as the ‘British HIV Association’ for over 20 years.

In a personal letter to Angelina, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“As we mark HIV Awareness Day, I want to thank you for your inspiring work to support people living with HIV.

“By speaking about your own experiences, you have opened up important conversations about HIV and helped drive vital progress towards overcoming the unacceptable stigma that surrounds it.

“Through your work with the 4M Network of Mentor Mothers, you have created a unique programme that provides perinatal peer support for women living with HIV through their pregnancy and beyond.”

Angelina said:

“The news that I had won this award came as a complete shock. I had to take a bit of time to compose myself because I truly did not expect to be a recipient of an award like this. This is mainly because I honestly believe that there are so many other women living with HIV out there who are doing so much more than I do. I am only able to do what I can around challenging stigma that is directed at people living with HIV because I stand on the shoulders of giants (women living with HIV), who have gone before me, those who stand beside me and those who continue to enable, support and provide me with opportunities to do what I do. I would therefore love to accept this award on behalf of all women living with HIV who are also doing what I do and who may not get this incredibly invaluable recognition that I have been so honoured and lucky to receive.”

Picture credit:@chadleylarnelle

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