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Commonwealth Point of Light 25. Michelle Chimuka

Michelle Chimuka, representing Zambia, is the founder of the 'Sani Foundation', which supports the inclusion of people with learning disabilities in society.

Michelle Chimuka

Michelle, whose brother has Down’s Syndrome, established the Foundation in 2014 and has led the design of the ‘Sunshine Zambia Project’, which provides training and education to young adults with learning disabilities in preparation for employment and independent living. The Foundation has also run a number of awareness raising initiatives, including launching a film festival in April 2016 in Lusaka, featuring people with learning disabilities and challenging the stigma they face in society.

The award for Michelle will be presented on 7th March in an International Women’s Day-themed presentation by Fergus Cochrane-Dyet OBE, UK High Commissioner in Zambia.

Michelle said:

“I am happy to be recognised, and appreciated and cannot thank you enough for this recognition.”

Fergus Cochrane-Dyet OBE, UK High Commissioner in Zambia said:

“Thank you, Michelle, and congratulations on your award and all the great work that you do at the ‘Sani Foundation’.”

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