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Wrexham Sounds

1909. Chris Lloyd
1910. David Gray
1911. Caroline Richards

Chris Lloyd, David Gray and Caroline Richards, from Wrexham, founded ‘Wrexham Sounds’ to provide disadvantaged children with the opportunity to transform their lives through music.

Chris Lloyd

Children and young people with diverse health, educational and social needs are referred to ‘Wrexham Sounds’ by social services, charities, schools, care providers and families. Alongside referral sessions, the social enterprise provides a broad range of music lessons and musical activities, including free lessons to young carers and opportunities to learn and apply music technology. The directors of ‘Wrexham Sounds’ are all unpaid volunteers and its services are delivered by a mix of staff, freelancers and volunteers drawn from the communities it serves.

Chris, David and Caroline said:

“Wrexham Sounds gives disadvantaged children and young people a way to express themselves, collaborate, learn, develop and have fun. The volunteers, staff and freelancers who work tirelessly to make this happen are thrilled to receive this recognition.”

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