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Wicked Weather Watch

984. Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards, from Hertfordshire, is a 15-year-old environmentalist whose activism has seen him become one of the youngest people ever to circumnavigate the North Pole to investigate how climate change is affecting the people and wildlife of the Arctic and the rest of the world.

Ben Edwards

Ben is a youth ambassador for ‘Wicked Weather Watch’, a charity teaching young people about climate change and global warming. His Polar Ocean Challenge was led by world renowned explorer Sir David Hempleman-Adams and covered 13,500 nautical miles. Since his return Ben has spoken to approximately 500 young people about his mission, inspiring them to take their own steps to tackle climate change.

In a personal letter to Ben, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your record-breaking expedition through the world’s most treacherous oceans highlighted the effects of climate change in some of the most remote corners of the planet and beyond. Your inspiring role as a Youth Ambassador for ‘Wicked Weather Watch’ is playing an invaluable part in giving young people unbiased information about climate change and protecting the environment.”

Gill Johnson, Director of ‘Wicked Weather Watch’, said:

“We’re thrilled that our Youth Ambassador, Ben, has been recognised for his work on climate change. He is an inspiration to the primary school children we work with, instilling not only a sense of responsibility towards our fragile planet, but also a sense of adventure to explore our world, showing what it is possible to achieve at such a young age!”

Sir David Hempleman-Adams, ‘Wicked Weather Watch’ Founder and Polar Ocean expedition leader, said:

“At just 14 years of age, Ben is the youngest person to circumnavigate the Arctic Ocean, something that has only become possible in his short lifetime. I’m delighted he’s continuing to raise awareness of climate change with ‘Wicked Weather Watch’ as his generation will bear the brunt of it’s impact, and won this prestigious award for his hard work.”

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