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We Empower Mauritius

Commonwealth Point of Light 131. Georgina Ragaven

Georgina Ragaven, representing Mauritius, has trained 2,000 vulnerable women from underprivileged areas to become aerobics teachers, fostering healthy habits and entrepreneurship.

Georgina Ragaven

Many of these young women have gone on to own and manage their own gyms. Georgina also recently founded ‘We Empower’, which is training 200 women from shelters, broken homes, or survivors of domestic violence to become the entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

Georgina said:  

“I am honoured to have been nominated and successful at receiving this award. At a time when women are celebrating International Women Day 2020, I dedicate this award to ALL the women who I have met along my life path so far, who each found their voice, realised they had a choice and made the right one for them; found the little girl inside each of them and promised to protect her always; discovered their full capacity and potential; enjoyed their transformational journey, becoming economically empowered along the way; reached out and helped another woman stand up and say I am, I can and I Will. This is too all women who truly believe in empowering women and children across the globe no matter where we are.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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