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Wave of Change Malta

Commonwealth Point of Light 151. Neil Agius

Neil Agius, representing Malta, is an ocean advocate, endurance swimmer and co-founder of the 'Wave of Change' campaign which raises awareness of plastic pollution in the Maltese sea.

Neil Agius

Neil recently completed the daunting 95 km swim between Sicily and St Julian’s to raise awareness of the threats to the world’s oceans and their biodiversity, only the second person in history to have undertaken this swim. Neil believes that his ‘speedo diplomacy’ will help support ‘Wave of Change’, inspiring young people to take action in their everyday life to reduce plastic waste and become ‘Wavemakers’. In its most recent campaign, ‘Wave of Change’ is harnessing the power of social media, encouraging young people to pick up three pieces of rubbish and challenge their friends to do the same.

Stuart Gill OBE, UK High Commissioner in Malta, said:

“I am pleased to recognise Neil as this year’s recipient of the Commonwealth Points of Light Award in Malta. Neil has shown extraordinary dedication and determination in his fight against climate change and in defence of our environment. Swimming to Malta in a record-breaking twenty eight hours is an inspiration to others to change our world for the better.”

Neil said:

“I am really honoured to receive this award. It is a great feeling that I can inspire so many to make changes to the way they treat mother earth. There is no Plan-et B so we really need to respect it, once we can learn to do that then we will be able to enjoy it at its full potential and glory.”

Picture: photo credit Kurt Arrigo

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