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110. Richard MacRae

A local councillor from Stapleford who organises job fairs has helped over 200 local people find work.

Richard MacRae came up with the idea of an annual job fair for Stapleford to make a difference in his community and link unemployed people with job opportunities in the local area. The fair is now in its second year and aims to beat last year’s turnout of 18 exhibitors and over 150 people job hunters.

Richard was determined to support his community by finding new ways local people could access jobs and community projects.

He helped to set up a partnership between Central College Nottingham and a local construction firm who sponsored 70 qualifications in basic construction skills. After attending the course, fifty of the participating students went onto work for the construction firms. Richard also encourages training providers and employers to recruit local people from the area, including local supermarkets with branches in Stapleford.

In 2011 Richard set up Stapleford Community Group to serve as a hub for job opportunities and to provide his local community with practical help and advice. The group has also engaged hundreds of people to get involved in community projects such as litter picking events, local sporting events and gardening projects. The police have noted that anti-social behaviour and youth related crime has been improved and have thanked for Richard’s for his positive contribution to the community.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Richard has worked exceptionally hard to make a real difference to Stapleford. Helping 200 people find new jobs in his local community is an outstanding achievement. Richard thoroughly deserves to be recognised as the 110th UK Point of Light today.”

Richard MacRae said:

“I am delighted to receive such an award and would like thank a good friend who recently passed away , Tom Goodwin who really pushed me with not just Stapleford Community Group but also to stand in a recent election and become a Stapleford Town Councillor, I would also like to thank the members of Stapleford Community Group and the many volunteers from Stapleford who give so much time to help with ideas and projects I come up with, without them helping these projects would not happen”. 

Anna Soubry MP said:

“The thing that has always struck me about Richard is that he is a doer. He gets stuff done – his jobs fairs have been a huge success not just because he has brought the right people together, but because he has enabled real people to get real jobs. Richard MacRae is genuinely devoted to making life better for everyone in his community. His devotion and success was recognised earlier this year when he was elected by his community to serve them on Stapleford Town Council and now he has been recognised by the PM!” 

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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