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Veteran volunteers

372. Amrita Thapa
371. Moti Lal Thapa

Along with his wife Amrita, Moti Lal helps Gurkha soldiers and their families across Harrow integrate into their local communities.

Moti Lal served in the British army for 23 years as a captain of the Gurkha regiment, retiring in 1980.

Many of the local Gurkha community are elderly and unable to speak or understand English, requiring constant motivation and support which Moti Lal and Amrita are always at the ready to provide. Through their perseverance, the couple have secured halls at Northolt Community Centre and Social Club in South Harrow. These halls are the hubs of the Gurkha community and the group meets twice a week to discuss their concerns and also to learn English.

Moti Lal regularly liaises with the Police, Fire Brigade and the Legion Club, helping to connect the group with Armed Forces veterans. The groups attend each other’s events and have a growing relationship, with veterans attending the Gurkha’s new year function this year, and the Gurkha’s helping to sell remembrance day poppies for the Legion Club.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Moti Lal and Amrita have become the heart of their local Gurkha community in Harrow. They have not only brought Gurkhas together to offer them support and advice, they have also helped them to become an important part of the wider community. I am delighted to be recognising their service by making them Points of Light.”

Moti Lal and Amrita said:

“We are very excited to learn of this high award. We wish to thank you all for supporting our volunteering work. We will continue our volunteer work as long as we will be able to.”

Local MP, Gareth Thomas, said:

“I was very pleased to hear that Moti Lal Thapa and Amrita Thapa have been awarded a Points of Light award. I have met them on several occasions and am always impressed by the support that they provide to Gurkha veterans in Harrow, having helped hundreds of Gurkha veterans successfully integrate into the community. Moti Lal and Amrita are a huge asset to Harrow and I am very happy that the work they do has now been recognised by the government. ”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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