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UMT Upcycling and Mobility Training

1625. Paula Massey

Paula Massey, from Cardiff, founded ‘UMT Upcycling and Mobility Training’, an initiative which recycles unused mobility equipment and medical aids like crutches and donates these for free to people in need.

Paula Massey

Paula served as a medic and driver with the British Army for 18 years, and co-founded with her ex-husband ‘United Motorcycle Advanced Training’, which has taught thousands of service personnel to ride motorcycles and drive LGV vehicles. Through this work, and after a family member was required to purchase a mobility scooter, Paula found from research that there was a lack of training available for people using mobility scooters to keep themselves and the public safe, and introduced mobility scooter training to her field. Additionally, following a stay in hospital and witnessing patients not being able to be discharged from hospital due to lack of community care equipment, Paula realised a lot of unused equipment was going to waste. After six years of working with no income, Paula has now collected thousands of pounds worth of discarded mobility aids which has gone to help people from vulnerable communities, homeless and veterans. During the pandemic, Paula has also been the driving force in her community in providing hundreds of people with food, clothing, and homewares to people less fortunate.

In a personal letter to Paula, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Congratulations on the success of  ‘UMT Upcycling and Mobility Training’. You have salvaged and recycled a staggering number of mobility aids, providing them free to people in need.

“Alongside this, you have also helped hundreds of local people with recycled furniture, clothes and donated food. You are a true Point of Light in your community!”

Anna McMorrin, Paula’s local MP for Cardiff North, said:

“I’m delighted that Paula’s fantastic work in the local community over many years has been recognised in this way, and I would like to offer my huge congratulations. Her dedication to supporting vulnerable members of the Cardiff North community, particularly over the past year, has been extraordinary.”

Paula said:

“Thank you Prime Minister for recognising the work myself and the community of Llanishen and Thornhill Cardiff have been doing since March 2020.

“We are truly honoured to receive such an award. The donations from the community along with the support of Sainsbury’s Thornhill to date have helped over 500 families with clothing, and helped food donations reach 200 families. We have also helped veterans with food, furniture and clothing, and provided the homeless with clothing, food and company. We provide company to the elderly in the local area on a regular basis too.

“Following years of campaigning by myself to stop the waste of mobility aids, we have received equipment that has been donated from the community, that has been a lifeline to families in the local area to keep them safe at home rather than in hospital. Thank you once again Prime Minister for making me the UK’s 1625th Points of Light award winner.”

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