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UK Commonwealth Conservation Champion

Commonwealth Point of Light 91. Adrian Steirn

Adrian Steirn, representing the United Kingdom, is a global conservation activist who uses his professional skills as a photographer and film-maker to raise awareness, discussion and action to protect endangered wildlife across Africa.

Adrian Steirn

Formerly resident in South Africa, Adrian has driven a successful campaign to raise awareness of Pangolin trafficking and he is highly involved with anti-poaching units, particularly in the Kruger National Park and Lowveld region. Adrian directed a short film highlighting the threats to Nepal’s tiger population and he lead a global campaign to protect Virunga National Park from the threat of drilling by oil companies. In conjunction with Sky TV Adrian created a powerful documentary on the threat of deforestation and its impact on climate change. Adrian’s passion for protecting the natural world was inspired by childhood holidays to Africa and he is determined to preserve its beauty for generations to come through ‘Beautiful News’, a multimedia storytelling format, using photography and filmmaking to share the stories of ordinary people whose passion, dedication and commitment inspires, helps or otherwise influences the habitat, and those around them, in a positive way.

Adrian said:

“To be awarded the Points of Light award is a great accolade and I deeply appreciate it. It really is an award that represents communities of people that have touched me over the last decade of photographing Africa and speaks back to the value of our natural world and platforms such as ‘Beautiful News’.”

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