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Tuvalu Pacific Climate Warrior

Commonwealth Point of Light 192. Milikini Failautusi

Milikini Failautusi, representing Tuvalu, aged 31, is one of the country’s most prominent climate, gender, human rights and youth activists.

Milikini Failautusi

After being forced to move from her ancestral atoll to the main Tuvalu island due to rising sea levels, Milikini became a climate activist and a member of the ‘Pacific Climate Warriors’. Alongside this she is the ‘Tuvalu National Youth Council Coordinator’, and member of the ‘Pacific Youth Council’ and the ‘Pacific Young Women’s Leadership Alliance’. Milkini has previously spoken at the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific about shifting long-standing cultural norms to ensure women are treated as equal members of society.

George Edgar OBE, British High Commissioner to Tuvalu, said:

“Warm congratulations to Milikini Failautusi on being chosen for a Commonwealth Points of Light award. This is in recognition of her contribution over a range of issues, including climate change – where she has been an eloquent advocate for stronger action – and sexual and reproductive health and rights. These are vital issues in Tuvalu, in the Pacific, and across the world. I applaud the energy and commitment that Milikini Failautusi brings to all she does.”

Milikini said:

“Being chosen for the Commonwealth Points of Light award, I am honoured and I also wanted to highlight the many volunteers who are working tirelessly on the many issues they are passionate about for the progress and empowerment of humanity in Tuvalu. I also wanted to encourage more young women that the most rewarding award you can have is through volunteering in different organisations, as it change your perception of how you see things in a more holistic and collective approach. I give credit to all the different mentors I have walked life with them such as ‘Pacific Youth Council’, ‘DIVA for Equality’, ‘International Planned Parenthood Federation’, ‘Tuvalu Family Health Association’, ‘Tuvalu National Youth Council’, ‘International Federation of Red Cross’ and ‘Tuvalu Red Cross’ and the many names of organisations and people who I cannot name. A strand of knowledge you have impart, make me the woman I am today. I am forever grateful for that.”

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