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Treats for Troops on Tour

1060. Charlotte Park

Charlotte Park, from Edinburgh, established the 'Treats for Troops on Tour' initiative, which has sent approximately 8,000 morale-boosting boxes to members of the Armed Forces deployed overseas.

Charlotte Park

After sending parcels to her husband Derek whilst he was serving in Afghanistan in 2015, Charlotte realised that there were many other servicemen who would not be receiving any parcels from home and which could offer a vital boost to their wellbeing. She decided to grow the initiative as a sign of appreciation for the work the Armed Forces do, and within the first 9 months of establishing the scheme, Charlotte and a team of volunteers had posted more than 1,400 parcels to soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. The boxes provide items of welfare for soldiers such as snacks, toiletries, small items of clothing and gifts, with all parcels checked and weighed to ensure they are received safely.

In a personal letter to Charlotte, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through ‘Treats for Troops on Tour’, you are sending an important message of support to the Armed Forces personnel overseas who are making great sacrifices in the service of our country. Having sent special parcels to your husband Derek whilst he was serving in Afghanistan, you know what a difference small gifts can make in boosting morale. You should feel very proud of how you have grown this initiative to support so many troops, particularly at a time of the year when they are apart from their loved ones.”

Danielle Rowley, Charlotte’s local MP for Midlothian, said:

“Congratulations to Charlotte on being the UK’s 1060th Point of Light. Charlotte’s ‘Treats for Troops on Tour’ initiative has touched thousands of our deployed Armed Forces serving overseas, and is a shining example of what community spirit and hard work can achieve. Well done Charlotte!”

Charlotte said:

“Wow, this is totally unexpected but I feel honoured to be given this award.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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