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Trans* Rights Champion

1218. Emma Cusdin

Emma Cusdin, from Kent, is a speaker, facilitator and champion for trans* rights, and an award-winning role model in the business sector for LGBT+ people.

Emma Cusdin

Emma transitioned in the banking industry in 2009, and this motivated her to co-found Trans*formation, the UK’s largest professional networking organisation for trans* individuals, their friends and colleagues. From her experience of working in human resources for over 20 years, and her own real life experiences, Emma has championed the importance of helping audiences understand the challenges that trans people face in the workplace and the positive benefits of employing trans people. Emma is a trustee of the Gender Identity Research and Education Society and she regularly gives talks to large organisations on gender issues, including a recent talk to the Ministry of Defence on inclusion. In 2018, Emma joined her fiancé at Global Butterflies, trans-inclusion consultancy that works with businesses all over the UK, USA and, this year, Hong Kong.

In a personal letter to Emma, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“The work you do is vital in educating, raising awareness and supporting transgender people and their colleagues and friends. London’s Pride Parade is a moment to recognise how far we have come in supporting LGBT communities and to reflect on what more we can do to make society fairer and more inclusive. I wish you well in your continued work.”

Emma said:

“I am completely surprised but am very honoured to be recognised as a Point of Light. Trans* inclusion and acceptance in the UK is extremely important; over the last couple of years trans rights have come under scrutiny, so it is so heartening to receive such recognition which highlights the work we have been doing to ensure that workplaces, in particular, are trans-inclusive.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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