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Campaigning for Strongbones

632. Myles Sketchley

A Nottinghamshire teenager has been a brilliant young ambassador for a charity dedicated to helping children with a number of serious illnesses.

Myles Sketchley, from Hucknall, is an inspirational ambassador for ‘Strongbones’, a charity dedicated to supporting children with brittle bone disease and other serious bone conditions.

Despite living with a number of debilitating illnesses himself, including cerebral palsy and a rare brain disorder, 17 year-old Myles campaigns tirelessly for young people with disabilities. He has travelled across Europe compiling a guide to wheelchair accessible attractions – from caravanning in Blackpool, to exploring Paris on the Eurostar. He runs a bravery award for unwell children, fundraising in order to include £100 prize money for each recipient and regularly blogs on the Strongbones website.

Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your work supporting young people with disabilities is fantastic. As an ambassador for ‘Strongbones’ you are providing practical advice as well as inspiring others to lead full and active lives.”

Myles said:

“I am so happy to have been chosen for one of these special awards. I couldn’t believe it when my mum and dad told me the amazing news. I love the work I do for Strongbones as it’s such a special Charity and it helps all of my friends who have got disabilities. It’s a lovely feeling knowing that I can help them in any way I can. I love finding out lots of new information that can help children with disabilities and sharing it to hopefully make their life a little bit easier. I feel like I have just got the best Christmas present ever winning this award and I’m going to love being able to share it with all my Strongbones family. Thank you, love Myles xxx”

April Fitzmaurice said on behalf of Strongbones:

“We are extremely proud of Myles for winning this prestigious award and very happy that all his efforts and hard work to help others, despite his own daily struggles, have been recognised for the pivotal role he plays at Strongbones.”

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