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The Psychology Mum

1583. Emma Hepburn

Dr Emma Hepburn, from Aberdeen, is an NHS psychologist known as ‘The Psychology Mum’ who has made hundreds of illustrations on social media to improve mental health during the pandemic.

Dr Emma Hepburn

Emma started to create her artworks from wanting to help people understand in a simple but engaging way psychological concepts, and tips for how to better develop positive mental health. Alongside her newly released free ebook ‘How to Stay Calm in a Global Pandemic’, her work has gained a huge audience as a result of COVID-19, reaching over 100,000 followers, and been distributed to thousands of NHS staff, schools, and charities across the UK.

In a personal letter to Emma, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I want to thank you for the support you have been providing as ‘The Psychology Mum’. Your illustrations beautifully articulate the often complex feelings many feel in times of stress.

“I also want to congratulate you on your free ebook ‘How to Stay Calm in a Global Pandemic’. Your advice and support has helped tens of thousands of people stay well.”

Emma said:

“I am incredibly proud and honoured to receive this award and to be recognised for my work. As a clinical psychologist, I am very pleased that my work and illustrations are being used by so many people to help them look after their mental health and well-being during this difficult time.”

Pictured below: some of Emma’s artwork


Psychology Mum - artwork on coping with coronavirus

Psychology Mum artwork on the mental health spectrum

Psychology Mum artwork with reasons for why people might be finding the pandemic difficult

Psychology Mum artwork on coping with mental health pressures

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