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The Orchard Project

1183. Rowena Ganguli
1184. Carina Millstone

Rowena Ganguli and Carina Millstone, from London, co-founded ‘The Orchard Project’, a pioneering charity dedicated to bringing community orchards to cities and towns across the UK.

Through their initiative and passion, Rowena and Carina have inspired over 10,000 people to take action in their local community orchards, helping them to plant and harvest fruit, creating a locally-led food system. They also lead workshops and activities in 13 different schools, inspiring over 1000 children to take part in orchard planting. ‘The Orchard Project’ is transforming communities, helping local people connect with each other and the natural landscape, improving their wellbeing.

In a personal letter to Rowena, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through ‘The Orchard Project’ you are bringing community orchards to cities and towns across the UK, transforming lives and helping nature thrive. I wish you the very best with your work in your 10th anniversary year and beyond.”

In a personal letter to Carina, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your work to restore and plant community orchards is bringing thousands of people together across the country, helping communities thrive and creating local food projects. As ‘The Orchard Project’ marks its 10th anniversary, you should feel proud of everything you have achieved and I wish you well in your continued work.”

Rowena and Carina said:

“We are both delighted to be the latest recipients of the Point of Light Award. We are so proud of what we have achieved with the team at The Orchard Project, volunteers and communities across the UK: we have been creating spaces for food and nature in our cities, with 423 orchards planted to date… and counting! We remain truly excited about the potential of orchards to bring people together, build resilience at a time of climate crisis and be a haven for biodiversity.”

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