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The Lunchbowl Network

610. Sally McGreevy

Sally McGreevy, from London, set up 'The Lunchbowl Network’ to support orphaned and vulnerable children in the slum town of Kibera in Nairobi.

The entirely volunteer-run network began by providing a dinner programme for almost 500 children, before opening two kindergartens in the last two years. Sally has created an additional network of UK school children dedicated to raising awareness and funds to The Lunchbowl Network.

In a personal letter to Sally, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By founding ‘The Lunchbowl Network’ in Kenya you are providing schooling for children with some of the most deprived backgrounds and making a real difference in Kibera.”

Sally said:

“It is a pleasure to receive the Points of Light Award on behalf of the UK voluntary workforce who work with commitment and energy to support the work of The Lunchbowl Network. The UK team works collaboratively with compassion and dedication to fund a dinner programme for over 450 young and vulnerable children, a daily Kindergarten for 185 very needy children aged three to seven years and a Rescue Education programme for teenage girls.

We are very grateful to receive this recognition from the Prime Minister Theresa May and it is an encouragement to us all. The award is also received on behalf of the young voiceless children from Kibera and the committed Kibera team who are selfless and tireless in their energy and kindness to help raise the neediest children out of their disadvantaged background. We hope that with this recognition we will be able to extend the provision to reach many more very needy children and to continue to serve and support their families and community.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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