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The Lewis Foundation

1424. Lee Lewis
1425. Lorraine Lewis

Lee and Lorraine Lewis, from Northampton, are sending over 2,500 gifts a month to cancer patients in hospitals across the Midlands through their charity ‘The Lewis Foundation’.

Lee and Lorraine Lewis

Lee and Lorraine set up the charity in 2016 in tribute to the support Lee’s mother received whilst hospitalised with cancer. They have continued to send gifts and care packages to hospitals throughout the pandemic and have also been sending out activity packs to cancer patients who are self-isolating.

In a personal letter to Lee and Lorraine, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“On behalf of the whole country, I want to thank you for the thousands of care packages that you give to cancer patients every month through your brilliant charity ‘The Lewis Foundation’.

“From the experience of your mother, Lee, you know personally what a difference these gifts can make and they are a wonderful tribute to the support she received.

“I can only imagine the effort that has gone into providing this care to cancer patients in hospital during the lockdown, as well as those isolating at home.

“Your kindness and dedication to others exemplifies the very best of our country, and I am delighted to be able to recognise you as the UK’s 1424th and 1425th Points of Light!”

Andrea Leadsom, MP for South Northamptonshire, said:

“Many congratulations to Lee and Lorraine Lewis on their Points of Light Award! Their work brings relief and moments of light to those who are suffering from cancer, and it has particularly made a difference during lockdown. This recognition is hugely deserved.”

Lee and Lorraine said:

“We are so proud to be recognised for our charity work in supporting cancer patients throughout the pandemic. We know how tough it has been for patients with no visitors in hospital and going through treatment alone. Working with our amazing community and all the hospitals we support has enabled us to source gifts, fundraise, package and distribute gifts over the last few months. It has not been easy but we are proud that we have been able to continue giving gifts to show our love and support from a distance.”

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