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The Exaireo Trust

832. Dettie Wallington

Dettie Wallington, from Loughborough, is the founder of ‘The Exaireo Trust’, which provides residential accommodation for individuals in her local area who are homeless.

Concerned for the people she saw sleeping rough in and around Loughborough, Dettie began taking food to the homeless and talking with them about their situation. Since founding the organisation in 2009, she has helped hundreds of people to find accommodation and employment, with 30 per cent of residents finding work and 28 per cent returning to education or training. Her ambition is to launch a structured rehabilitation programme that also provides tailored support to each of the housed residents.

In a personal letter to Dettie, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By founding ‘The Exaireo Trust’ you are helping hundreds of homeless people to find accommodation as well as counselling, skills training and sustainable employment. This work is making a real difference to your local community and I wish you every success in your future plans to launch a structured rehabilitation programme for residents.”

Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough, said:

“I am thrilled that Dettie has been given a Points of Light award by the Prime Minister.  Dettie has been instrumental in the founding and developing of the ‘Exaireo Trust’. ‘Exaireo’ carries out vital work in the rehabilitation of ex-offenders, alcoholics and drug addicts. This organisation was formed by Dettie, following work she had already carried out in previous years to set up and develop a similar organisation, the ‘Carpenters Arms’ in Loughborough.

Organisations such as ‘Exaireo’ are integral to the wellbeing of the community in Loughborough and Dettie was the founding force. She thoroughly deserves this recognition for all her years of dedication to the people of Loughborough and to her creation of sustainable organisations that help support the fabric of our town.”

Dettie said:

“I am very honoured to have been selected for this award and feel very humbled given how many people work tirelessly around the country to alleviate homelessness and poverty.

“Of course our project is never finished, we’re always looking at how we can help vulnerable people in our community. The recognition this award brings will help highlight Exaireo’s track record of providing support.”


Dettie receiving her award from Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough

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