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The 3D Toyshop Teddy Hospital

2097. Nick Hardman

Nick Hardman, from Leeds, has used his 3D printer to produce over 3,000 accessible medical teddy bears to support the wellbeing of children undergoing medical treatment.

Nick initially used his 3D printer to produce PPE at the beginning of the pandemic, but as the demand eased, he switched to making toys.  After printing a teddy shunt valve brain implant for a child with hydrocephalus to attach to his teddy bear, Nick was inundated with requests to provide similar toys for more children in need. Since he started making the medical teddy bears other parents with children undergoing medical treatments have been in touch and he has produced toys with accessories including dialysis equipment, a foot splint, a cochlear implant and even teddy bear pacemakers.

Nick has also worked with medical staff to produce toys for hospitals, so that young patients can feel more at ease when attending appointments. Based out of his home, he now runs a worldwide none profit, ‘3D Toyshop Teddy Hospital’, which recently featured in a music video from singer Lewis Capaldi.

In a personal letter to Nick, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“From little pacemakers, tracheostomies, and insulin pumps to features like prosthetic limbs and dialysis machines, your specially adapted teddies are allowing children, as you have said, to have a toy which is just like them.

“I understand that you have now printed and shipped over 3,000 bears in the last couple of years, all from your own house. What an incredible achievement, touching the hearts of so many children and their families during difficult times.”

Nick said:

“It truly is an honour to receive such a prestigious award, and be recognised by the Prime Minister with the Points of Light award. But to put a smile on the face of thousands of children going through their hardest time is worth more than any award. It’s not just a teddy, it has the same medical devices, it has been through the same journey, now they have their teddy friend just like them. I want to thank my amazing team of teddy surgeons, because they make the magic happen, I just make the toys. Over 3000 teddies made so far, and over 2000 to go, With the whole world behind us, nothing can stop us. I want to thank my followers, donors and patreons – I love you all xx.”

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