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Team Hill Charitable Trust

2270. Steve Hill MBE

Steve Hill MBE, from Oldham, is a Deputy Headteacher who, alongside his teaching, takes on extreme challenges around the world to raise money to support local and international projects in Uganda and inspire his pupils.

Steve has undertaken a huge number of fundraising challenges to raise over £200,000 for good causes. These have included climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking 200 miles across the Sahara Desert and completing multiple marathons, including the Mount Everest and North Pole Marathons, along with Ultra Marathons through the Amazon Jungle and the Arctic wilderness. Most recently, Steve completed 14 consecutive marathons running coast to coast across Costa Rica and Tajikistan. 

In 2019, Steve founded his own charity, ‘Team Hill Charitable Trust’, through which he raises money to support projects and causes in his local community. Steve organises gift bag appeals for young carers in Oldham, purchases equipment for children with disabilities, and regularly spends time decorating the local hospital’s children outpatient department. Having completed the Uganda marathon five times, Steve has forged close community ties in the country and, through ‘Team Hill Charitable Trust’, supports many projects there. Steve has provided funding for the building of three schools and dormitories, organised donations of trainers, football equipment and stationery, and supported the ‘Make Women Smile’ initiative.

In a personal letter to Steve, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“From ultra marathons through the Amazon and the Arctic, to trekking 200 miles across the Sahara, to most recently completing 14 marathons across Costa Rica and Tajikistan, your extreme challenges have raised more than £200,000.

“Through your Team Hill Charitable Trust you are putting that money to good use. From purchasing equipment for disabled children to organising gift appeals for young carers, your charity is making a real difference for young people in Oldham – and it is great that you have been inspiring many of your pupils to get involved too. Your trust has also forged close connections with communities in Uganda, including providing funding for the building of three schools.

“I know your mission is to make a difference in the world – and together with your whole team, you are doing exactly that.” 

Congratulating Steve on his award, Debbie Abrahams, Steve’s local MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, said:

“As one of Steve’s supporters, I find Steve such an inspiration. Team Hill Charitable Trust does amazing work in Oldham and further afield to support people in need. The lengths Steve has gone to raise money for these good causes show a level of dedication that is second to none.”

Steve said:

“I’m thrilled to receive a Points of Light Award from the Prime Minister – it’s such a huge honour and so unexpected!!

“I’d like to thank everyone who supports the work of Team Hill Charitable Trust in our ongoing mission to make a difference in the world – they are all such a huge part of this amazing award – Thankyou!!”

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