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1561. Chelsea Birkett

Chelsea Birkett, from Aberdeen, launched ‘Talkable’, a helpline for people suffering from panic attacks or anxiety who can easily call when they need someone to talk to.

Chelsea Birkett

Chelsea, who used to suffer badly from panic attacks and anxiety, created the helpline after realising there were no listening services dedicated to these disorders. The service, which is manned by five volunteers, does not offer formal treatment, but a listening ear for those who need one, and is available from 6am to midnight Monday to Sunday.

In a personal letter to Chelsea, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Through the challenges of this year, your helpline ‘Talkable’ has brought comfort to many people in need of a listening ear.

“As we battle this virus, it is more important than ever that we support people’s mental health. With your team of volunteers, you have helped others have those vital conversations about how they are feeling.”

Chelsea said:

“I am truly shocked, I feel so overwhelmed that not only has my dream of helping people started to make a difference to the users that have contacted us but it’s also reached this level of recognition. I started my talk line to show people they should never feel alone and I will continue to provide it for as long as you guys need it.”

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