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627. Amanda Root

Amanda Root, from Teddington, founded ‘Talitha’ a group of professional artists and art therapists passionate about supporting recovery with art therapy.

Under Amanda’s leadership, Talitha has been working with women and girls who have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking in India since 2011. More recently the group has diversified to work with children affected by prostitution in Bolivia as well as women who have escaped domestic violence and people living with dementia here in the UK.

In a personal letter to Amanda, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through ‘Talitha’, you are providing vital therapeutic support to women and girls who have experienced sexual exploitation, trafficking and domestic violence abroad, as well as people living with dementia here in Britain.”

Amanda said:

“It is a very great honour to receive this award and to share it with all the wonderful Talitha Arts volunteers who work so tirelessly to liberate the voiceless and build bridges of hope through the creative arts. We count it a great privilege to help children and adults whose lives have been damaged by trauma, abuse, ill health or circumstance, and the tenacity and perseverance of those we work with never ceases to humble and inspire. The therapeutic arts help us to connect others to a sense that they are valued and have a unique contribution to make. We help individuals to experience themselves in new and positive ways, to build inner strengths and resiliences and to renew a sense of hope. We honour every person we work with and are passionate to help restore a sense of identity, purpose and meaning for lives that have been compromised, exploited or violently oppressed.This award will greatly impact the development of our work across the UK and overseas helping survivors of trafficking and abuse, those living with domestic violence and for those living with the devastating effects of dementia.”


The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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