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Sunshine People

1181. Nahla Summers

Nahla Summers, from Dorset, is the founder of ‘Sunshine People’ a movement to inspire others to donate acts of kindness.

Nahla Summers

After losing her partner to a heart attack in 2012, and struggling with grief and loneliness, Nahla was touched by the kindness of a stranger and she was inspired to help others by encouraging sponsored acts of kindness. Instead of financial donations, Nahla asks people to pledge a kind act as a donation to a sponsored project. In April 2019, Nahla walked from Swanage to Gretna Green, asking people to pledge an act along the way. On the journey, Nahla visited schools delivering kindness workshops and asking the children to donate kind acts. If only 5% of these sponsored acts from the schools and supporters of her walk were carried out, then 25,000 acts of kindness would have been generated. Nahla has been featured by the BBC and local news sources.

In a personal letter to Nahla, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through ‘Sunshine People’ you are transforming the concept of sponsorship and inspiring thousands of acts of kindness across the country.”

Nahla said:

“What a delight it is for ‘Sunshine People’ and the dialogue of kindness to be recognised through this award. The impact of kindness can so often be overlooked, yet it is a power that changes lives. Mental health concerns are rising, and divides across communities are a cause for great concern. Kindness – being consciously and deliberately kind – is at the heart of positive change. An act of kindness has the power to change another’s life. Our challenge is to consider stepping into another person’s shoes before we speak our words or type our responses. The darkness in our world can only be eradicated by shining a light onto it. We will not make positive change in the world with less kindness and understanding – we will simply circle into the darkness

“Through this recognition of the work of Sunshine People we are extending our invitation for people far and wide to join the conversation of kindness. Together we give others permission to be consciously kind: Join the Sunshine.”

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