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Suited for Success

2005. Patricia White

Patricia White, from Birmingham, leads ‘Suited for Success’, a not-for-profit organisation helping to tackle unemployment in the city by giving out free application advice, interview coaching, and interview wear.

Starting life as a pilot project in 2015 launched by a group of young professionals from corporate Birmingham city centre businesses, Patricia set up ‘Suited for Success’ as a registered charity in 2016 to provide a permanent service for people experiencing significant personal barriers and complex issues to gaining employment. The initiative works closely with long-term unemployed, ex-offenders, ex-forces, back to work mums, substance misuse recovery, homelessness, and young people who are not in education, and aims to give people confidence for interviews. Gently worn suits and smart workwear is donated by professional men and women in corporate companies, law firms, banks, offices and businesses across the city, and given free of charge for people referred to the charity to wear at job interviews. Most recently, Patricia has launched a partnership with National Express buses to create an innovative mobile roaming service across Birmingham to further reach communities with high unemployment rates. The bus is equipped with coaching booths, a computer area for job applications, and a boutique suit station. 

In a personal letter to Patricia, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“I want to thank you for all you are doing to help people in the West Midlands to overcome barriers to employment.

 “You have pioneered a fantastic programme coaching people on their job applications and tailoring them for interview success with your boutique suit salon.

 “By working with recruitment agencies, job centres, homeless hostels, and women’s shelters you are helping people in communities across the West Midlands.”

Patricia said:

I’m absolutely blown away and really moved to receive the ‘Points of Light’ reward and recognition. Our mission at ‘Suited for Success’ is to level the playing field for those who are unemployed in the West Midlands and help them to realise their potential. As the CEO I love to inspire and create a platform for people to get involved and support us in our mission to impact unemployment. I’m really passionate about making a difference and changing lives, this passion is the driving force behind our charitable ambitions at ‘Suited for Success’.”


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