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1009. Jade Statt
1010. Sam Joseph

Jade Statt and Sam Joseph, from Glasgow and London, launched ‘StreetVet’ a registered practice providing veterinary care to dogs belonging to the homeless.

Sam Joseph Jade Statt

Realising that life on the streets makes it difficult for homeless people to provide their pets with the care they deserve, the pair decided to launch a network of volunteer vets providing free medication, health checks, and advice. Now a network of over 275 volunteers across the UK, ‘StreetVet’ have helped to improve the welfare of over 400 animals since its inception, in turn supporting the wellbeing of their owners. In 2018 Jade and Sam were recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for their impact to veterinary services.

In a personal letter to Jade, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Equipped with just a stethoscope and a backpack filled with medication, your team of volunteer vets are taking to the streets to help rough sleepers by treating their beloved dogs. The success of StreetVet is a testament to your remarkable commitment to supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”

In a personal letter to Sam, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through StreetVet, you are improving the wellbeing of homeless people by providing free consultations and treatments for their much loved dogs. I wish you every success as you expand the network and inspire even more qualified vets to help these dogs who otherwise would not be receiving the veterinary care they deserve.”

Jade said:

“The more awareness we can bring to this cause, the more we can expand ‘StreetVet’ and ultimately aim to provide accessible free vet care to all homeless people and their dogs. Thank you so much for this amazing recognition and platform to help highlight the importance of the human animal bond and the power of small acts of kindness.”

Sam said:

“I am honoured to have received the Points of Light award in recognition of the profound value of the human-animal bond and the hard work and dedication of ‘StreetVet’ volunteers whose aim it is to protect that bond. As long as homelessness and poverty continue to be significant problems in the UK, ‘StreetVet’ will strive to provide free accessible vet care to those most in need.”

Sam Joseph and Jade Statt

Picture credits: Robin Trow

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