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Street Children Iringa

1540. Letty McMaster

Letty McMaster, from Tunbridge Wells, founded ‘Street Children Iringa’, a charity supporting orphaned children in Iringa, Tanzania, and providing a home and opportunities for young people who have been living on the streets.

Letty McMaster

As a student, Letty volunteered for a month at an orphanage in Iringa, and went on to spend three years living in the area to continue providing support for some of the children she had met, many of whom had experienced physical and mental abuse, and fundraising for their medical and educational needs. After the orphanage was closed by the local council, she set up her own home for those children left homeless and became their legal guardian, and registered ‘Street Children Iringa’  as a charity in 2015 to continue helping to re-home young people living on the streets.

In a personal letter to Letty, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Congratulations on the success of ‘Street Children Iringa’.

“In such a short time, you have built a lasting legacy and a permanent home for vulnerable children in Tanzania. You have created a safe and loving home which allows local children to gain an education and thrive.”

Letty said:

“I am honoured to be recognised by the Prime Minister for a Point of Light award. I am also very grateful for the exposure this gives my charity ‘Street Children Iringa’, which in turn will allow me to continue helping more children and young adults off the streets in Tanzania.”

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