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Stay Home For A While

1465. Sofia Sabella

Sofia Sabella, from London, wrote 'Stay Home for a while...', an illustrated book for children about an NHS paramedic who fights off COVID-19, a green monster, to help them understand how the NHS is saving lives and why they needed to stay home for a while.

Sofia Sabella

Sofia is a designer who wanted to use her skills during the pandemic to provide a way of showing support for the NHS and spreading a message of hope. Her book is freely available to read online and download, and has been shared widely in the UK and abroad.

In a personal letter to Sofia, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I want to thank you for the ingenious way in which you helped young people to understand why they needed to stay at home during the lockdown.

“Your colourful children’s book “Stay Home for a while…” brought to life the heroism of the extraordinary men and women working in our NHS and explained to many young people how they could play their part in helping to defeat Coronavirus.”

Sofia said:

“Receiving this award has left me truly speechless. I am incredibly honoured to receive the Points of Light Award and to be recognised by the Prime Minister for this humble initiative.

“To be able to utilise my creativity to shine light on those in the NHS working tirelessly for us through these difficult times is an absolute privilege. Having never written a children’s book before, I am so grateful for the response I’ve received from so many young children and their families. Knowing that they read the book and were able to draw understanding and comfort from my modest art is a reward next to none.”

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