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St John Ambulance Staffordshire

1101. Carol Trigg

Carol Trigg, from Staffordshire, has been a member of ‘St John Ambulance’ for nearly 50 years, delivering first aid in the community and running large teams of volunteers.

Carol Trigg

After deterioration in her vision in 2012, she had moved from her role as a unit manager to become a training specialist. She now oversees the volunteer units in South Staffordshire and helps maintain standards and training for all volunteers. Since losing her sight, Carol set up a self-help group in her local area for other visually impaired people and their carers. The meetings are held monthly in the local church, and the programme includes speakers, information sharing and varied activities.

Carol was presented with her award by her local MP Michael Fabricant (pictured below).

Carol Trigg with Michael Fabricant MP and her guide dog Flora outside Lichfield Cathedral

In a personal letter to Carol, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your dedication to supporting ‘St John Ambulance’ for nearly 50 years has been truly remarkable, and has inspired people from across Staffordshire to volunteer for the charity and provide vital first aid cover. You should feel very
proud of the way you are sharing your own experiences of sight loss to offer specialist support to individuals with visual impairments, and those who care for them.”

Carol said:

“It was a total surprise, out of the blue, to be informed that I had been recommended for the Points of Light award for my voluntary work with ‘St John Ambulance’. Like many others, I have been a member of St John since joining as a cadet, in my case at age 11, and I have gained many skills from participation in the organisation as a volunteer at different levels and in different roles, which have helped me in my working and social life. It is humbling to be selected from among many worthy volunteer colleagues. I continue to be involved as a trainer and have the privilege therefore of meeting young people who are starting on their St John journey.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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