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Something To Look Forward To

1062. Fiona Coldron

Fiona Coldron, from Cambridge, has raised over £230,000 in gifts for over 5,300 patients with terminal illnesses through her charity ‘Something To Look Forward To.’

Fiona Coldron

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2007, Fiona found that the simple act of going out for a meal with her family helped her through the day and how meaningful gifts and experiences for patients could provide them with a vital boost to their wellbeing. Following a second diagnosis in 2015 with incurable cancer, Fiona decided to establish the charity and support other patients struggling financially and emotionally with their conditions. Despite weekly chemotherapy, Fiona continues to run the charity with support from her husband and daughter and a team of volunteers.

In a personal letter to Fiona, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your dedication to providing gifts and support for cancer patients, in spite of your own ongoing chemotherapy, is truly remarkable. Through ‘Something To Look Forward To’, you are creating special moments for patients by helping them to make treasured memories away from hospital wards. Your family should be very proud of their commitment to improving the lives of thousands of other families across the country who are affected by cancer.”

Fiona said:

“I am honoured that I have been given this award and the recognition of the charity. I also see it as a recognition of the effects of cancer and cancer poverty which is an under recognised and under supported area of need.”

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