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Sol Haven

1865. Sammuel Yisrael
1866. Natasha Caton

Sammuel Yisrael and Natasha Caton, from Northampton are the founders of ‘Sol Haven’, an eco-sustainable farm with an education and rejuvenation centre that has delivered wellbeing events to over 500 people, including many vulnerable and homeless individuals.

Sammuel Yisrael and Natasha Caton

Natasha experienced various addictions and homelessness at a young age, and partnered with Samuel, a long-time community volunteer with people who are disabled, have learning disabilities or are living homeless, to create a project that could help people grow and recover from adversity by connecting meaningfully with natural surroundings. On their farm, the pair provide sessions in rural skills, growing food, eco-therapy, meditation, nature-based arts and crafts, and cooking, led by Natasha, who is a Michelin-trained vegan chef.

In a personal letter to Sammuel and Natasha, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Thank you for your fantastic initiative ‘Sol Haven’. I was inspired to learn of how you have supported over 500 people who are vulnerable or facing homelessness.

“Your eco-farm is a true haven which allows people to experience the therapeutic benefits of nature. Alongside sessions in meditation or arts and crafts, you are also providing  essential skills, such as cooking and budgeting, to help people rebuild their lives after trauma.”

Chris Heaton-Harris, Sammuel and Natasha’s local MP for Daventry, said:

“It is wonderful news that Sammuel and Natasha are being recognised by the Prime Minister for their outstanding contribution and support to homeless and vulnerable people in the community. ‘Sol Haven’ really is changing people’s lives through education and rejuvenation, and I hope their actions will inspire others to provide a helping hand to those in need. A very big well done indeed.”

Sammuel and Natasha said:

“This is an incredibly humbling experience to be honoured in this way.

“Points of Light appears to be an important initiative, and we are honoured to be considered as ‘outstanding individuals’ by those working in Parliament.

“We are beyond delighted to be able to offer vulnerable and homeless individuals with a safe working environment to learn, grow, and reach their full potential. Bringing all our passions and expertise together to offer an opportunity we truly believe, and hope will help many people.”

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