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Social Media Stammer Role Model

1922. Jessie Davies

Jessie Davies, from Cynon Valley, is a TikTok social media influencer whose videos raising awareness of speech impediments have been viewed over 58 million times, educating thousands about the condition.

Jessie Davies

Jessie has had a stutter since the age of four, leading to bullying at school and setbacks in class. She set up her TikTok account last year to record videos of herself approaching people in public to tackle her anxiety, such as ordering new items from menus in drive-throughs and asking for recommendations. After receiving an overwhelming response from viewers, Jessie has dedicated her platform to helping others with a speech impediment gain confidence and helping those without to better understand how common stammers are and how they can be supportive of people with impediments, particularly by encouraging patience and improved listening.

Jessie said:

“I never in my wildest dreams thought my journey would receive such love and support, never mind winning this award. I’m truly grateful and I hope this shows others who struggle daily you’re not alone and you’re amazing. This award is truly for every single person who cheers me on cause without them I wouldn’t be here. Thank you so much.”

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