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Shout At Cancer

703. Thomas Moors

Dr Moors is the founder of a throats cancers charity who set up a unique choir for people who have had their voice boxes removed as a result of their illness.

This innovative project is part of a six week therapeutic programme developed by Dr Moors and other experts to help people recover from the loss of their voice box and learn to communicate again. The choir has performed all over the country and recorded a song for the Paralympic Games.

Under Dr Moors’s leadership the ‘Shout at Cancer’ charity is now beginning to provide other therapeutic courses to aid recovery including yoga, cooking and even beat boxing, all of which can be challenging given the breathing and swallowing problems many patients face.

In a personal letter to Thomas, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“As the founder of ‘Shout at Cancer’ you should be enormously proud of the invaluable therapeutic support you are providing for people who have undergone the life-changing experience of having their voice boxes removed. Your innovative approach is aiding patients’ recovery and providing them with much needed friendship and support.”

Thomas said:

The whole team of Shout at Cancer and I are very honoured to have been considered and nominated for such a prestigious award and acknowledgement . It will serve as a great inspiration to all those patients, relatives and professionals alike, whose dedication and commitment empowers our work and aspirations to make a tangible difference to people’s lives after laryngectomy.”


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