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Sarcoidosis UK

1618. Henry Shelford

Henry Shelford, from London, is a campaigner for people with Sarcoidosis, a rare lung disease, and leads the nationwide charity 'Sarcoidosis UK'.

Henry Shelford

Henry was diagnosed with the condition in 2004, which is estimated to affect 100,000 people in the UK. As Chairman of the charity, he has helped raise over £500,000 since 2014 to fund research into finding a cure, and in response to COVID-19, Henry created Q&A videos with leading Sarcoidosis experts which have been visited by one million people worldwide to help people understand what their condition means in relation to Coronavirus and how they can be supported.

In a personal letter to Henry, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“By founding ‘Sarcoidosis UK’, you have created a global community for people living with this rare condition. I was astonished to hear that your Q&A videos with experts have reached over 1 million people helping further understanding of Sarcoidosis.

“Let me also congratulate you on raising a staggering £500,000 to fund research into Sarcoidosis – a truly remarkable achievement.”

Henry said:

“There have been so many dark days for all of us throughout this pandemic. So to be given an award that says you’ve provided some light in that dark is both delightful and humbling. I am truly thrilled and honoured to be given a Points of Light award. Thank you. I would not be able to have done a fraction of what I have without the wonderful people around me. A big thank you to them too.”

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