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Rizq Pakistan

Commonwealth Point of Light 140. Huzaifa Ahmad
Commonwealth Point of Light 141. Syed Hassaan Irfan

Huzaifa Ahmad and Syed Hassaan Irfan, representing Pakistan, represent 'Rizq', a social enterprise that is revolutionising the use of surplus food to end food poverty.

Huzaifa Ahmad

During the current COVID-19 crisis, ‘Rizq’ has mobilised an army of 3,000 volunteers across 23 cities, distributing over 2.2 million meals to the most vulnerable and saving over 20,000kg of excess food that would otherwise have gone to waste. Their new app, ‘Rizq Heroes’, will connect thousands more volunteers to local community projects.

Her Majesty The Queen, as Head of the Commonwealth, congratulated Huzaifa and Hassaan on their Commonwealth Points of Light award during a phone call hosted by British High Commissioner Dr Christian Turner CMG (pictured below with Hassaan). The call with Her Majesty The Queen also marked National Volunteering Week in the UK, an annual celebration of the power and contribution of volunteering.

Dr Christian Turner with Syed Hassaan Irfan speaking with Her Majesty The Queen

Huzaifa Ahmad said:

“Food is a fundamental need. For every human to reach his or her true potential it is important for this basic right to be accessible, affordable and available.

“I want to thank the Commonwealth for recognising our efforts and honouring us with this award. I would like to dedicate it to our amazing volunteers and Rizq heroes.”

Syed Hassaan Irfan said:

“We have more food than ever before yet more people than ever go hungry every day. We all have an individual responsibility to eliminate hunger – no one should go without a daily meal.

“This award is a tribute to the people of Pakistan, the work of volunteers in Pakistan, and our strong tradition of helping each other.”

The British High Commissioner, Dr Christian Turner CMG, said:

“It was an honour to hear Her Majesty recognise Rizq’s remarkable work to tackle food insecurity. Moments like today are examples of the profoundly positive relations between the UK, Pakistan and Commonwealth.”

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