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Rescuing rabbits

356. Hannah Potts
357. Stephen Potts

A couple from Leeds who have opened their home to help over 1000 small animals.

Hannah and Stephen Potts, 35 and 39, both gave up their jobs in 2009 and put their own money into becoming full-time animal carers.

They were inspired to do this on a voluntary basis having previously run a small animal boarding business. They were contacted by so many people asking them to take their unwanted pets, and were so upset by the number of abandonments, that they decided to turn their business into an animal charity.

Since they started the charity, they have set up a network of ‘foster homes’ for the animals. The foster homes are made up of responsible and caring local people who want to do their bit for the animals. At any one time the charity has around 70 animals in its care. All healthy animals are carefully re-homed to responsible loving homes. Any animals unsuitable for re-homing due to on-going health issues are given permanent sanctuary.

The couple receive small donations from individuals and have inspired many to take up sponsored runs and skydives to raise money and have inspired others through their kindness.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Hannah and Stephen have shown incredible selflessness in dedicating their lives to ensuring the wellbeing of animals who have been abandoned. They have rescued thousands of pets and animals that have been neglected or abused and provided them with the care they need. I’m delighted to make this inspiring couple our 356th and 357th Point of Light winners.”

Hannah and Stephen said:

“It was a very unexpected but lovely surprise to hear that we had been chosen to receive a points of light award. We were delighted and proud for a charity focused on helping the smaller, often forgotten about animals to receive recognition. We are very grateful to everyone who continues to support us in offering a safe haven to so many animals in need.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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