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872. Martin Grant

Martin Grant, a retired telephone engineer from Leicestershire, has spent 14 years volunteering for ‘Remap’, a charity that creates bespoke equipment for disabled people to live more independently.

Last year the organisation helped more than 3,500 people by customising everyday items to allow them to undertake activities more easily. Using his engineering skills, Martin has created over 200 specialised items, including a tailored garden furniture set to work around wheelchair users and a television remote control specific to prosthetic hands, and he follows up with each client to check that their equipment is effective and working properly. Martin has held the position of treasurer of his local branch of ‘Remap’ for 13 years, contacting charities, trusts and other sources to raise funds and support, as well as giving over 150 talks to inspire others to share their skills with the charity.

In a personal letter to Martin, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your work with ‘Remap’ over the last 14 years has improved the lives of hundreds of disabled people. You should be enormously proud of drawing on your expertise in engineering to create hundreds of innovative devices that are specifically tailored for each user and their individual needs.”

Martin said:

“I am extremely honoured to receive such a prestigious award for something I thoroughly enjoy doing.  I am constantly enthused and inspired by the ingenuity and dedication of my fellow Remap volunteers, helping to improve the lives of disabled people throughout the country.  It is wonderful that the Prime Minister is aware of our work.”

In response to the award, Remap Chief Executive David Martin said:

“Martin Grant has made a huge contribution to Remap as a volunteer for many years, so it is great to have his commitment recognised in this Point of Light award. Remap is typical of the charity sector in the UK – for over 50 years it has quietly provided direct, transformational help to over 10,000 disabled people and all of this was provided by volunteers like Martin.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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