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Ramadan Tent Project

1189. Omar Salha

Omar Salha, from London, is the founder of Ramadan Tent Project which holds an open Iftar every evening of Ramadan and since 2013 has served over 50,000 Iftar meals across four continents.

10 Downing Street

Omar’s inspiration for the project came to him as a student, when he noticed that many fellow Muslim students were away from home and ended up eating Iftar alone. Initially, he set up a small, university based Iftar to tackle the loneliness that some students felt and share the experience with the wider community. In 2013, the project catalysed into the Ramadan Tent Project to create a space of spirituality, dialogue and empowerment. The Iftar provides people with a free warm meal, as well as a chance to converse with Muslims and non-Muslims from all ages and backgrounds, with special speakers also being invited to the evening. The London Iftar welcomes around 10,000 people annually and the project has expanded across the UK, Europe and the US.

In a personal letter to Omar, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through the ‘Ramadan Tent Project’, you are bringing people of all faiths and backgrounds together to share in Iftar at the special time of Ramadan. Starting from your days as a student, you have grown the project into an impressive and far-reaching annual event. I wish you well with this year’s project.”

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