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Quran for Hospitals Project

2318. Syed Ahmed

Syed Ahmed, from Oldham, set up 'The Quran for Hospitals Project' which has provided over 8,000 Quran speakers to over 300 hospital chaplaincy departments across the NHS and hospitals worldwide to support them deliver spiritual care to patients.

After his father was admitted to the hospital during COVID-19, Syed provided him with a small, rechargeable “Quran speaker” that could be placed by his bedside, allowing easy access to Quranic recitations without relying on internet connection or YouTube, which many patients struggle to access.

Initially aiming to supply Quran speakers to hospitals in Greater Manchester and Bradford, demand for the speakers across the country grew as patients and families found comfort and solace through the devices amidst visiting restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. Inspired by this, Syed expanded the project to distribute more devices in 2020. With fundraising and support from the Muslim community, Syed raised over £80,000 to fulfil the demand and provide the speakers to the majority of hospitals in the country as well as many hospitals abroad. Alongside his Quran speakers, Syed has also distributed over 7,000 free Quran CDs to members of the public. 

Syed said:

“It is with great honour that I accept this award, I am deeply grateful for the chance to impact lives positively. This recognition inspires me to further the mission, extending the reach of Quran speakers to more hospitals across the UK and globally.”

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