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1508. Craig Newman

Dr Craig Newman, from Devon, is a psychologist and founder of Project5, a free, online service that provides one-to-one wellbeing support and coaching to NHS workers with over 1,000 trained practitioners volunteering their time.

Dr Craig Newman

Craig launched the service at the start of the outbreak to provide help NHS staff facing the increased mental and emotional demands from responding to the pressures of the pandemic, but with the aim of offering sustained support beyond the crisis. He also ran a #highfiveourcarers campaign to fundraise for the initiative and raise awareness of the challenges to wellbeing, such as depression, anxiety and insomnia, that many NHS staff and care workers experience.

In a personal letter to Craig, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“From the initial inspiration of your #highfiveourcarers campaign to the fantastic breadth of your brilliant Project 5, you have brought together an army of more than 1,000 researchers, coaches and therapists to support those working in every part of our NHS.

“Your endeavours are only more important at this time when our amazing NHS staff have faced such pressures and when we owe so much to them for all that they have done to save lives.”

Craig said:

“Receiving recognition from the Prime Minister for our work with NHS Staff at this time is a personal high point. This is a celebration of a team of amazing volunteers who continue to gift their time to support our beloved NHS team. I hope that this Point of Light from the PM will illuminate what we provide at ‘Project5’ and help to show the NHS staff that we are here for them, when times are hard.”

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